14th FICCI Higher Education Summit, New Delhi.

I’m taking part 14th FICCI Higher Education Summit, New Delhi, along with Kazakh Universities delegation Key focus on the Summit is to “Universities of the Future”: interesting and sophisticated topic which is overwhelming even for me far from the professional education field. Key figures to understand India’s course on it’s path: – 35% of India population is under the age of 30 – 100 ml job to be created in India over the coming decade – 38000 colleagues, more than 800 universities are in India today. Total number of students in India 33 ml (!) – universities to be reconfigured in order to prepare populations to the changes ahead – universities must be partnering with the Industry: additive manufacturing, robotics, artificial intellects,etc. Universities of the Future proposed to be in following formats: 1.Teaching Based Universities 2. Research Based Universities 3. Foundation Based Universities Therefore, discussions are around of what to be done to meet that expectations: give more autonomy to the universities; customize education, put a student in the center of education,introduce dynamic learning skills. Interesting, breathtaking move India is taking towards the Universities of the Future.